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DVD Shrink Comparison.#3, created by TNT+ on 2006-02-09
I'm very impressed. I love the way you can compare 4 different encodes at the same time!

Is this a program I can get to use at home?

I would love to compare different AEC settings at different compressions.

Great Site!
Re: DVD Shrink Comparison.#4, created by pierre on 2006-02-09

Well... I came up with these pages myself. I am not sure how you can use this at home in a very convenient way. There is quite a bit of work in selecting the right frames, saving all the pictures, and building the pages.

I was wondering which mode do you find more useful? "Side-By-Side" or "Superposition"? Superposition is less intuitive for sure, but I find is equally useful for comparing whole frames instead of details.