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adminhttp://www.palmdrive.netFranceThu, 15 Aug 2002
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john hermanenglandSat, 27 Dec 2003
Like wow! excellent and informative...just what i needed to also like to see a comparison with dvd2one too!!.keep it up!!
SteveEnglandTue, 30 Dec 2003
Very cool En/Transcoder comparison! But did you use "Deep Analysis" with DVDShrink? This is VERY important! A new comparison wth Recode 2 would be nice too. Great work, nevertheless! More please!
LamzNetherlandsTue, 30 Dec 2003
Very impressive comparison of TMPGenc and DVDshrink. Especially the zoom function on the screenshots.
Keep up the good work!
adminhttp://www.palmdrive.netCaliforniaTue, 30 Dec 2003
---- UPDATE ----
First of all, yes, I did use Deep Analysis: It is the only difference in quality between DVDShrink 2.3 and 3.0. I updated the introduction page.

This update is just here to annouce what is going to be on next.
I plan on adding a few compressors to the test: CCE and ReJig as a first step. I also plan on doing the same test at two different bitrates: One higher to point out the very minimal loss of all the Recoders. One at a lower bitrate to see how the encoders deal with a very low bitrate. Maybe I'll have the strength and courage to do a TMPGEnc 2-pass VBR in MAX-QUALITY to see if there is any noticeable difference.
FrankGermanyThu, 1 Jan 2004
Great comparison! Would it be possible to add "Nero Recode 2" (which is basically the latest DVD Shrink) to the tested tools? A lot of people preferring it over DVD Shrink 3.0b5...
Bob HVermontThu, 8 Jan 2004
Hey. This site is excellent. A much needed resource for those of us that are seeking to get good information on the quality differences between various dvd backup software packages. I for one would be immensely appreciative if you added Pinnacle Instant Copy 8 and Nero Recode 2 to your analysis. Thanks!
JanksterWisconsin USASat, 10 Jan 2004
I've done 900+ movies. About half needed to be transcoded and I've done them all in CCE. Even on 3+ hour movies CCE produces very good results. I play them on a Front DLP projector at 102" diag. I must say however I'm tired of all the work with CCE. I'm just starting to use DVD Shrink 3.1, very little work!! Quality is still important, and your testing is a great help. THANKS!!
thean9elhttp://www.an9el.degermanySat, 24 Jan 2004
Nice site and good work...are there differences in the quality between shrink 3.05 and the newest version 3.1.3?
especially when u try deep analysis?
do u have results?
FlagmanITASun, 25 Jan 2004
Hi!First of all very very good article.
I tried to copy a movie (precisely BackToTheFuture)with either latest DVDshrink 3.1.3 and DVD2one 1.40, and I obtained better results with last one. (compared the results) Much ppl say this is the best shrinker.The result seems less blockiness. (little differences however)
I even use much Elby CloneDVD because i can eliminate parts of DVD without reauthoring. Usually I leave Menu with scene selections and the movie. (i didn't test the quality however)

Please can u do a test with both them??it would be really really interesting.

And can u reccomend a player allowing frame by frame playback?Cause Powerdvd is not capable of it :( and i cannot compare exact frames.

Thank you
adminhttp://www.palmdrive.netCaliforniaSun, 25 Jan 2004
@thean9el: At this time, 3.1.4 is available. As far as I know, nothing in the revision history implies that the quality could/should have changed since 3.0b5.

I am currently trying to get the test done with ReJig, without much success. This is a pre-beta version anyways, so I guess I'll wait for the next revision.

DVD2One 1.40 allow only 30 minutes of video encoded. That will make my life miserable. But I'll get it to encode all interesting parts of my movie!

I am testing other software at this point, please be patient!
Mr F LiquidizerScotlandSun, 1 Feb 2004
Great work!

I'd like to add my votes for :

Nero Recode 2
Elby CloneDVD

to be added to the comparison. I am interested both in how these compare, and even more interested in if Recode 2 has improved from Shrink. Given that CloneDVD is so fast it will be interesting if it gives comparable quality.

RobertAustraliaFri, 16 Apr 2004
G'day. Your site is a winner mate!! Hope the twins are well and they still allow you the time to do some 'fun stuff' occasionally!
philAusi - NZ import GO the AB's!!!Thu, 20 May 2004
Great site - I like the comparson, it's hard to find the truth - lets face it there are a number of transcoders all claiming to be number 1.

Me - I use DVDShrink 3.1.7 - quality is good - have compared it to Nero Recode 2, and found this also to have great quality. But not surprised as I believe the same guy that develped Shrink now works for Ahead!!! - Have a copy of Clone DVD also, but have not played with it much.

Anyway great site - also for your info use DVD43 (it's free) to unlock the region code & remove the CCS, allows you to backup any of your disks with any program.

Great site - Would like your opinion on other Transencoders.

PS - Kopies Xvid is the next best option!!!
LqqkOutIowa, USASat, 12 Jun 2004
Thank you for the great MPEG2 comparison, very good work!

JulienCanadaSat, 16 Apr 2005
Excellent! I really liked your comp. of MPEG2 encoder, it was really easy to see the differences!

On your next comp, It would be really nice to include Nero Recode 2 and DVD Shrink, since there is a lot of discussion going on between these two. Also, including DVD Rebuilder with CCE, QEnc and Regij and anonter transcoder like Instantcopy 8 would really help us to decide which is better.

I know there is a lot of work there, but if your next comp. is as good as the current one (easy to see differences, displays all the screenshots at the same time), It does not matters how long it takes!
conairHellasSat, 2 Jul 2005
Excellent work really!!!!
Is there a possibility to get a guide on how to do the whole thing coping a DVD-9 and make it fit on a DVD-5 using TMPGenc (what other tools are necessary e.t.c.)
SreekanthCaliforniaSun, 11 Jun 2006
Dude, Sreekanth from Metreo. I lost your email id. Can u send it to me
Rimmer100England (Currently living in Canada)Sat, 15 Jul 2006

This is a great site and I'm really impressed with the work you have done for the comparisons. It is very thorough. I too would like to see how Nero Recode stacks up against the other methods.

I was just wondering what kind of data storage capacitiy you have for all of these movies that you backup, or are you, as is suggested, just burning them to another DVD?


Dave RenteriaUSAThu, 18 Jan 2007
Hi, I found your TMPG DVD Shrink comparison informative and just plain cool.

Thanks a lot for letting us all benefit from your work. It is much appreciated.

Best wishes, Dave.
FredSpainMon, 25 Jun 2007
I just spent several hours testing and comparing results of video compression. I used
- Windows XP
- MediaCoder (latest version, June 2007):
to convert to Xvid
- DivX Converter (latest version, June 2007)
to convert to DivX
- Dr.DivX OSS (latest version, June 2007)
to convert to DivX

After many hours of work I came to the following 2 conclusions:
- when the result is reproduced on a PC there are little differences in quality and size
- when reproduced on a DivX compatible player connected to a TV (42", 1080p, Full HD) the Xvid videos have problems, sceens are dropped every few minutes, audio is dropped. The same Xvid file reproduced fine on the PC, but the DivX player (cheap device, $60) connected to the TV could not reproduce several files without errors. With the DivX files I had no problems. ==> Conclusion: it is better to convert to DivX if you are using a cheap DivX device with your TV.
- When connecting my PC to the TV (analog or digital connection) the image was better than what the DivX device connected via SCART (EuroConnector) could produce. ==> Better to connect your PC to the TV, then a cheap DivX device.
MtreeUSATue, 9 Feb 2010
Just discovered your webpage and the results of your video tests are fascinating! Thanks for doing this.
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