Mindless Links

Misc Sites
Java Matter - A few small programs I am donating. Most certainly not usefull.
Shopping - A few shops in the bay area reviewed.
Krazy Kat, by George Herriman - Plenty of pictures, a nice forum and an archive section. Come and discover this amazing comic strip!
Krazy Kat's Archives, by George Herriman - Plenty of pictures, and that's nothing to say it!!! A hardcore fans "Must See"!
Usefull links
Google's Labs glossary Find virtually a definition for everything. See the definitions for a Nerd.
Check also www.dictionary.com for a cool dictionary.
Google's Labs Sets Type in "Kennedy" and "Bush" and you'll have all the names of the known presidents of the US. No prediction for the future though...
DNS Stuff DNS lookup? Traceroute? Whois? All of these, plus many more. Nice tools.
Inflation calculator Wondering how much a $1000 stuff in 1973 is worth now?
Nerds and Odd/Funny sites
Weird Fortune Collection Recently eaten in a chinese restaurant? Had a weird fortune? Don't throw it away! Send this guy your material.
Wackiest Warning Labels Ever Sometimes, those warnings just don't make sense. Or are just plain funny. This page regroup the best ones of them, and many more!
Un petit bêtisier scientifique pour se battre contre les idées reçues.