TMPGEnc vs. DVDShrink

The Stills

Grass screenshot

Slow motion grass screenshot

Battle 1 screenshot

Battle 2 screenshot

Battle 3 screenshot

Slow motion screenshot
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  1. Click on any of the 6 thumbnails above to analyze the specific still
  2. move your mouse over the image on the left to analyse specific details
  3. Click on "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" to analyze parts of the still in more details.
  4. All numbers on the image in the left are described below. Click "Close" above to hide this help.
  5. Abbreviations: 23=DVDShrink2.3, 305=DVDShrink3.0.5beta, CBR=TMPGEnc VBR, VBR=TMPGEnc VBR
  6. Ranking scores:
    • 5. Hard/Unable to find any difference at 2X.
    • 4. Easy to find any difference at 2X, not that annoying.
    • 3. Hard to find any difference at 1X, but easy at 2X. Annoying differences.
    • 2. Visible differences at 1X.
    • 1. Annoyingly differences at 1X.
    • 0. Sucks big BIG BIG BIG time. Yuck!
DVDShrink 2.3
DVDShrink 3.0.5b